Letter: A Champion for Women's Rights

Published: 04-19-2024 11:47 AM

Women of my generation, who fought to have our rights expanded in the last decades of the 20th century, never imagined that those rights would be ripped away by politicians and judges put in place by a minority of our country’s citizens.

The attack on reproductive rights is just one front in the war on women. IVF and birth control are next to go. Some on the far right even dream of removing our right to vote. As Justice Samuel Alito said, “Women are not without electoral or political power.” As long as I still have that power, I will use it to vote for Colin Van Ostern for Congress.

Van Ostern has consistently advocated for the rights of women, including reproductive rights, throughout his career. As an executive councilor, he helped restore funding for Planned Parenthood, twice. Reproductive freedom is at the center of his campaign for Congress.

Currently, one in three U.S. women lack access to abortion care. We see case after case where women who experience life-threatening complications in pregnancy are denied the care they need. The fortunate ones can travel to another state for care, but too many must take their chances and hope that they can prove their life is in danger before its too late to save it.

The only way to restore our rights is to elect politicians who have our backs, up and down the ticket. Colin Van Ostern will not rest until our rights, including reproductive freedom, are restored.

Rebecca Harris


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