Letter: The voice of reason for we the people

Published: 05-23-2024 11:24 AM

As an undergraduate in New Haven, Conn., who directly experienced the campus unrest during the 1960s, I totally agree with what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said about the very similar events the United States is currently experiencing today.

In saying “American universities can be part of the solution in the Middle East,” RFK Jr. is suggesting three basic steps he would take as president to diffuse the situation. He would direct the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division to investigate the state of civil rights at our nation’s universities. Whatever our views of the Middle East, we cannot tolerate a situation in which Jewish and Israeli students are afraid to walk to class. Pro-Palestinian students should also be able to protest without fear of retaliation.

He would also direct the attorney general to deploy the Department of Justice Community Relations Service (CRS) to universities to provide conflict-resolution expertise so that tensions on campus can be kept within bounds. Lastly, he woul direct the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights to develop guidelines for universities that deal with the question of overnight encampments, which create new challenges for free speech and safety.

Currently, RFK Jr. seems to be the only voice of reason, so before this unrest escalates to what we saw back in those earlier days, I suggest we follow his guidelines. He is quickly gaining ballot access across America, including in New Hampshire, so you will have a chance to vote for him in November as our 47th president.

Rebecca Hull