Letter: Vote no on Mascenic budget to save the schools

Published: 02-21-2024 8:32 AM

Nine years ago, Bentti Hoiska tried to kill our public schools. This year he's trying again, with the exact same move.

He rounded up a bunch of what were formerly called tea party conservatives to pad the vote and proposed to cut our budget by $1 million. Once again, we have to campaign to save our schools and vote no on the school budget, so we can go to the default. The default will hurt us, but the $1 million cut would be the beginning of the end for our schools, and we would still be responsible for paying the bonds that allowed the building of the elementary and science buildings.

Instead of weakening our schools, we should be building them up, and we need a superintendent. You can't just "assign" superintendent duties to principals, and would they have pay increases to reflect the increased work? I don't think so.

Pretty soon, Hoiska will get what he wants, no public schools, because who in their right mind would want to work here? I have already bought blank signs, as I did last time, and they will say "Vote NO on the School Budget." Enough!

Corinne Joly 

New Ipswich