Letter: Edelblut is up to his old tricks

Published: 02-21-2024 8:38 AM

He’s at it again!  I’ve long felt that Education Secretary Frank Edelblut wants to do away with public education. I find it amazing, that he was appointed with no education background whatsoever. 

His promotion  of  charter schools has resulted in much, much higher costs than he budgeted, and he just keep adding more to what the students are provided, now school transportation. What will be next? Where does the money come from, the education budget? 

He wants PragerU – don’t be confused. It’s not a university – to provide financial literacy to our high schools via videos. PragerU promotes conservative points of view, so now the students will be able to be indoctrinated in it. Think about this! 

As more and more of the best students are drawn away to charter schools and the local school districts have less money for education, eventually there will be no money available and schools will be closed. There will be no more local schooling. 

Gov. Chris Sununu should fire our pseudo-education secretary, He hired him!  

Richard Miller


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