Letter: Secession simplicity

Published: 01-25-2024 10:06 AM

A few years ago, a pod of Texas crazies was advancing the prospect of Texas seceding from the Union. The blowback from the rest of the country was "adios."

The seceding bug has now bitten a handful of New Hampshire legislators and, surprisingly, many House committee members dealing with the bill. Proposed legislation such as this often emerges during the dark months of the year, and the pod of legislators slinging the atrocities are generally crawling out of the Freedom Caucus abyss or wallowing in the Free State free-for-all.

Space limitations here constrict the discussion concerning such asininity, but it's essential to constantly be vigilant that a 400-seat legislature always opens a pathway for the crazies to dance. Perhaps secession should apply to the bill supporters -- secede from the Legislature.

Ted Leach


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