Letter: Going nowhere on education funding

02-27-2024 11:36 AM

Funding state education almost entirely on the back of property taxes is moronically myopic, yet for decades Republican-dominated New Hampshire legislatures have continued to adhere to it.In the 1990s, the state Supreme Court concluded that funding...

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Viewpoint: Steve Chamberlin – Seven reasons to vote no on ConVal article

02-25-2024 9:01 AM


Casting a vote that will change the long-term trajectory of our region requires a foundation of objective, complete data, and a plan subsequently built from that data.Unfortunately, the Prismatic ConVal reconfiguration study does not provide the...

Viewpoint: Robert Beck – Two years and counting

02-24-2024 9:01 AM

Two years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the largest military conflict in Europe since the end of World War II. Unleashing the Red Army from three directions -- the north (Belarus), south (Crimea) and east (Russia proper), Russia...

Letter: Edelblut is up to his old tricks

02-21-2024 8:38 AM

He’s at it again!  I’ve long felt that Education Secretary Frank Edelblut wants to do away with public education. I find it amazing, that he was appointed with no education background whatsoever. His promotion  of  charter schools has resulted in...

Letter: Vote no on Mascenic budget to save the schools

02-21-2024 8:32 AM

Nine years ago, Bentti Hoiska tried to kill our public schools. This year he's trying again, with the exact same move.He rounded up a bunch of what were formerly called tea party conservatives to pad the vote and proposed to cut our budget by $1...

Letter: Edelblut should speak up about spending

02-21-2024 8:26 AM

I hope Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut is doing well and keeping up with the deliberative sessions that have taken place throughout New Hampshire. Many townspeople have requested their school district’s budget be cut just a fraction of what...

Viewpoint: Tina Kriebel – Reconfiguration plan is a middle-ground proposal

02-21-2024 8:21 AM


I am writing this viewpoint as an almost 20-year resident of the ConVal district. I have two students who graduated from ConVal High School after attending 13 years in the district. I volunteered in Peterborough Elementary School and South Meadow...

Letter: Reconfiguration is not the only issue

02-19-2024 11:14 AM

The effort by the ConVal School Board to reconfigure the school district has raised many issues. In response to this, the Dublin Select Board has appointed the Dublin Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) to investigate educational opportunities for the...

Letter: Education Freedom Accounts bill is a giveaway

02-19-2024 11:13 AM

Three years ago, New Hampshire embarked on a program that, in theory, would provide financial aid to students and families unable to afford private or homeschooling opportunities. In the first year, the price tag was about $300,000 for 1,635 students....

Viewpoint: Alan Edelkind – ConVal vote is democracy in action

02-16-2024 9:01 AM


On Tuesday, Feb. 6, the ConVal School Board held the annual budget deliberative session at the gym in ConVal High School. This is an annual event where we present the budget and warrant articles that are budget-related or require ConVal district...

View From the River:  Johanna Arnone – A trusted, local and free tax resource

02-15-2024 1:53 PM

Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring this year. I don’t know about trusting groundhogs with meteorology, but Phil was right about one omen of spring. Like it or not, tax season is here, and April 15 is just around the corner. The River...

Letter: Running to focus on children

02-15-2024 12:43 PM

Several parents, like myself, have been diligently, without fanfare, dedicating time and energy to the Mascenic school system to fill in gaps for school functions or take up the slack in things like budget analysis and review.Many people asked me to...

Letter: Can't we do better?

02-15-2024 12:42 PM

Every year about this time and beyond, when the weather warms up and the snow begins to melt, the roadways in the Monadnock region are exposed.What we see as we drive, walk, run and bike are mounds of trash, mostly recyclables such as bottles, cans...

Letter: Taxes shouldn’t cripple children’s futures

02-15-2024 12:41 PM

Due to the property revaluation this year in New Ipswich, many properties will see a large tax increase.The school budget is $21,146,355 and the enrollment is 880 students, which equals $24,000 per student. They could be individually sent to private...

Letter: Consolidation will be best for children

02-15-2024 12:41 PM

I moved my family to Peterborough over 10 years ago.When we moved here, our intention was to join the ConVal School District. We didn't care what school or if the town that we moved to had its own school.  We strongly considered moving to Sharon, a...

Viewpoint: Jeanne Dietsch – Does smaller classes improve achievement?

02-15-2024 12:40 PM


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has spent billions to determine how to best improve student achievement. Its conclusion was that its focus would be on improving teachers’ performance.The foundation director cites a Los Angeles district study which...

Editorial – A need for answers

02-15-2024 12:40 PM

We’re a month away from the ConVal reconfiguration vote, and it seems there are more questions than answers. We need answers if we’re to confidently cast a vote.We know that something needs to be done. But what is the best path forward?What is the...

Letter: Imagine it’s in Peterborough

02-15-2024 12:39 PM

Imagine the prosecutors closing arguments to the jury: “Closing the elementary school in your town forces your children to be bused out of your community. It causes less personal attention from their teacher resulting in lower academic achievement....

Letter: Closing elementary schools solves nothing

02-15-2024 12:38 PM

The warrant article to close four of our elementary schools is ill-reasoned and rushed. The argument that it be passed in order to do a real analysis is spurious.I understand the burden the ConVal budget puts on our towns, and in turn on taxpayers,...

Viewpoint: Robert Bitterli – Answers to ConVal questions

02-15-2024 12:37 PM


The ConVal School Board recently published a very thoughtful opinion by Elizabeth Swan, Temple’s representative to the ConVal School Board. (“People love schools, but restructuring needed,” Jan. 16.) I would like to  offer my view. My wife and I are...

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